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Welcome to our Thailand guide - Bangkok South Coast Guide

The provinces on the South-East coast are : Chonburi(Pattaya), Rayong, Chanthaburi et Trat.
The provinces on the South-West coast are : Samut Songkhram, Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan.

the Eastern coast is 500 km wide, from the Chao Praya delta to the Cambodgian border.
Magnificent beaches follows each other all along the coast, the famous Pattaya among them, but also some s,all fishermen villages, quiet coves, islands and national parks.
Petrol platforms and industrial complexes are also settled there.
Chanthaburi area, in the centre of the region, was formerly wellknown for its ruby and sapphire production. Nowadays most of precious stones are smuggled from Cambodgia. You will also find some of the most beautiful national parks of the country in the offshore islands.

Information on Koh Chang Information on Koh Samet Information on Pattaya Information on Hua Hin
Bangkok South coast guide
Bangkok South coast guide
thailand guide
thailand guide

Pattaya is located 145 km South-East of Bangkok. Pattaya benefits of an international reputation. Nature and infrastructures are rivalising to offer a heavenly stay to all visitors: sun, hot sea, white sand beaches, gorgeous seafood, all budget hotels, numerous shops and shopping malls, tens of sports and activities (sailing, wind surfing, diving, fishing, water skiing, kite surfing, tennis....). And for the nightlife, Pattaya has nothing to envy to Bangkok, with its numerous bars, restaurants and all kinnds of discos.
And this is why Pattaya got its nickname of "jewel of the East coast", or "queen of the oriental stations".

Elephants’ Village: This is literally a large herds’ gathering. These gigantic pachyderms have long been the backbone of heavy work in the jungles of Thailand. The thrilling event includes a spectacular demonstration of the capture of an elephant, the daily routine of the animal and its master, its training, feeding and work. This is the first village of its kind and one of the very few places where elephants are kept in their natural environment. There's also an exciting elephant instruction show every day at 14:30

Another of Pattaya’s interesting features is the inland resort of Nong Nooch Village where various cultural shows are performed. You will be entertained with traditional music, dances, and Thai martial arts.

The village has a beautiful tropical garden and lake where you can have a pleasant stroll. Nong Nooch Tropical garden has emerged as a fascinating tourist destination renowned for its wide-ranging orchid species, bonsai gardens, countless flowers and plants from all corners of the world. The authentic Thai houses, the mini zoo and the cultural performances with classical dancers, traditional ceremonies, Thai boxing and a spectacular Elephant show will mark the highlight of your holiday.

Million Years stones Park : This Park & Zoo is a new, striking tourist attraction created throughout over 20 years of effort for the delight of all nature lovers. It is not only a living museum of beautiful curiosities from the animal, vegetable and mineral realms, but it also offers you several kinds of amusing and exciting shows such as Crocodile Shows, Thai Martial Arts and Magic’s Performances.

There, you will enjoy observing the award-winning bonsai trees, a beautiful garden of rare trees and colourful flowers (Petrified trees and over 200 years old Thai-style trimmed trees), grotesque shaped rocks, animal shaped boulders, weighing up to 75 tons each and many more animals and activities...

Visitors should not miss Pattaya's Mini Siam. This is the first place in Thailand to display over 100 miniature-size objects from Thailand and several other countries around. Amongst other Thai monuments, the Temple of Dawn, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and the Royal Palace are on display, alongside Cambodia's Angkor Wat, the Sydney’s Opera House, the Belgian Atomium, LondonTower Bridge, the French Eiffel Tower, the German Neuschwanstein Castle, the Egyptian Abu Simbel and many more…

Sriracha Tiger Zoo : This zoo boasts the largest number of Bengal tigers successfully bred on their premises. Besides, it also has several other animals such as crocodiles, ostriches, single hump camels, kangaroos and an aviary of exotic birds. Exciting shows to be seen there are the Crocodile wrestling performance, the Kenyan aerobics, the Amazing Circus, the Pig Racing and the Scorpion Queen, a young lady carrying plenty of poisonous scorpions on her clothing.

Alcazar Cabaret Show : One shall not miss a chance to see the world-famous Alcazar show. You will be entertained with music, lip-syncs, dances and various shows performed by the numerous absolutely fabulous "lady-boy" actresses. The Alcazar Show has been delighting audiences from around the world for almost 20 years. You'll experience the magic of Alcazar’s state-of-the-art computerized lighting system and be dazzled by the effects of its DTS surround sound system. And that's only the beginning... Prepare yourself for some grand entertainment with the Cabaret’s 400 staff, including some amazingly talented artists and entertainers.
Koh Chang
Koh Chang
Koh Chang
Koh Chang
Koh Chang
Koh Chang
Koh Chang than mayom fall

Koh Chang is the largest of the well preserved 52 islands of the Marine National Park and is actually the second largest island in the whole of Thailand behind Phuket, and this wild paradise is only about 330 kilometers east of Bangkok. Despite this, the archipel still remains untouched and wild. Nearly 75% of the Marine Park is now protected by law. Koh Chang Offers many beaches:

As the thai name Had Sai Khao means, "White Sand Beach", it is a long beach of powdery white sand. Located at the northern west end of Koh Chang, it leans on about 2.5 kilometres long, lined by rocks, palms and broad-leaved trees. The southern 1.5 kilometre long area, located at the road, is during the season the busiest part of the island, especially in the evening, when it transforms into a playground. There are many restaurants, bars, supermarkets, small shops and massage-shops and a small clinic.Bang Bao Bay (Aow Bang Bao) is a nice 1km long bay, located at the southwest end of Koh Chang. The beach has clear waters with rocks and corals.
A good place to snorkel, swim and fish. The fishing village, built on stakes far out into the bay is now a popular place. You will find many seafood restaurants and small shops selling souvenirs or refreshments and also a clinic and a temple.

Bang Bao Bay (Aow Bang Bao) is a 1km long sand bay, located at the extrem south-West of Koh Chang. this clear water beach with coral reefs is a good place to dive, snorkel, swim or fishing. TYhe fishermen village, built on stilts is a popular place. There are many seafood restaurants and small shops selling souvenirs and soft drinks as well as a clinic and a temple.

Located at the northwest of Koh Chang, Lonely Beach (Haad Thanam) is about a 1 kilometre-long. It is one of the most beautiful beaches on Koh Chang. The beach is between Kai Bae Beach in the north and a large wooded hill, The northern part is a white sandy beach while the southern part is stony.

Klong Prao Beach is another long sandy beach. At the northern part of the beach is the rocky Laem Chaiyachet which is an ideal point of view to watch the sunset or the sunrise above the southern hills of Bang Bao.

Laem Chaiyachet is also a popular on-shore fishing place. Kai Bae Beach is a beach of scenic beauty where you can see the sunset. During the low tide, Koh Man Nai reveals it picturesque beach and you can walk to the island at chest-deep water level. You can rent boats, canoes, sea-kayaks in the dive shops.

Koh Chang National Marine Park offers also a wide range of activities :

Located at Klong Son, Ban Kwan Chang and the Klong Son Elephant Camp provide a natural environment for elephants and their mahouts . Opens dayly from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m for half-day tour including elephant bathing, feeding, performances and a 1.30 hour elephant trek into the forest. A smaller tour at 1:00 p.m. include a 35-minute trek and a 15-minute performance.

Snorkelling, Diving and Fishing Trips can be arranged everywhere at most resorts, beaches, fishing villages. Speedboats are available at higher prices. You can also enjoy the sea-canoe which can be found along all the beaches and many resorts.

Hiking from Kai Bae à Bang Bao, passing through some coconut groves and rubber is an amazing challengeing experience but shorter hikes, following the footpaths to the waterfalls from the main entrances are easier and also popular. In the central region of Koh Chang, abrupt mountains and rainforest have made some of the Most Spectacular Waterfalls in Thailand. On the east of the island, the most famous waterfall in Koh Chang is Than Mayom Waterfall. It is situated near the Than Mayom Pier. A 400 m paved footpath, passing through a durian plantation will lead you to this four-level waterfall located in virgin rainforest. It flows all the year, forming a large round pool at its front. It is a source of pure fresh drinking water. Their Majesties King Rama V and King Rama VII visited respectively in 1876 and 1927 and had their initials inscribed at the waterfall . Swimming is allowed and camping is possible in the National Park

Located at the northwest of Koh Chang, Koh Chang Noi is an island mainly covered with rocks and forest . You will find splendid unspoilt virgin coral reefs.

On the west coast of Koh Chang are a small group of islands visible from Klong Prao. These include Koh Man Nai, Koh Man Nok and Koh Yuak which has a small sandy beach at its front. The water is clear and it is a good snorkeling spot. Next to Koh Yuak is Koh Plee and Koh Suwan, both of which have rocky shores. Around the area of Koh Suwan is an island called Koh Rom (umbrella island) by the locals with colorfull corals about 6 meters deep and an outstanding beautiful huge tree.Koh Man Nai measures only 300 m by 100 m and can be reached by foot at low tide. There is no accommodations on Koh Man Nai. Koh Phrao Nok is located in the bay of Salak Phet. The island is about 600 m long and 200 m wide. It has a small sandy beach at the north. Koh Phrao Nok can only be reached by chartered boats. At the south-eastern end of Koh Chang, Koh Lao Ya lies about 3 kilometres. With Koh Lao Klang and Koh Lao Ya Nok, they form their own archipel. Koh Lao Ya is less than 1 kilometre long, and has a long and very beautiful sand beach.It is connected to Koh Lao Ya Klang by a wooden bridge, where you can find wonderful coral banks.The island can only be reached by chartered boats.
Koh Samet
Koh Samet
Koh Samet is the main island of the Koh Samet National Park. created to protect this fragile environnement from surexploitation, the island has a caracteristic mountanous shape, all covered with vegetation.

To be located 2h from Bangkok, makes it one of the first stop for who wants to escape Bangkok crazy rythm and find, in an islander setting, the charm of Thai nature.
This stunning island, ows its name to the samet, a tree originnaly used for building of boats.

The most beautiful beach ith with no doubt Sai Kaew (diamond beach). The dsand is white and the water crystal clear. All these pretty coves are nice shelters for thoses who want to escape the week-end crowd. It is also on this beach that you will find bars, small traditional restaurants (straight on the beach) and other night activities.
Hua Hin
Hua Hin
Hua Hin
Hua Hin
Hua Hin

Less than 4 hours away from Bangkok by train or bus, Hua Hin with its 3 km white sanbd beach and its small fishermen villages is a places especially enjoyed by the Royal Family of Thailand and the Jet Set of Bangkok.

Hua Hin is well known for its traditional pier, seafood restaurants andd stunning white sand beach, 3 km long, from a promontory in the north, down to the hills topped with Buddhists temples in the top south.

In 1920, The King Rama VII did build a summer palace, launching the Hua Hin fashion like the favorite retreat place for the Thai aristocracy during the hot days of the summer in Bangkok. Nowadays, the Royal Family still owns this palace and lives there a part of the year.

The Hua Hin Train Station built under the reign of King Rama VI is probably the most beautiful train station of Thailand and the proud of locals.

Hua hin Golf Course built in 1924, Huahin golf course was the first golf course of Thailand. There are nowt 8 courses in a perimeter less than 30km around the city and more are still under construction. The courses are well maintained and the service excellent.

Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park, fabulously scenic, the park includes apart of the variety of the thailand coastline. It is located on the meridionnal penninsula coast in the Prachuab Kiri Khan province. The Park has an area of around 9.808 hectares and is made of high limestone mountains, a large meadow close to the coastline as well as offshore islands. It owns a wide variety of plants species and hosts many wild animals.

There are three interesting caves to visit in the park: Sai Kaeo cave, Sai cave and Phaya Nakhon cave.

Close to the caves, is Phra Thinang Khuha Kharuhat, a covered pavilion, built in 1890 pendant le règne du roiduring the reign of the King Chulalongkorn Rama V. The pavilion is now used as official symbol of the Prachuap Khiri Khan province.

Pa La u Waterfalls. These impressive waterfalls with eleven levels, located around 60 km west of Hua Hin, is close to a luxurious rain forest where one can discover different kinds of birds and butterflies.




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