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Welcome to our Southern Thailand Guide

The Provinces of Southern Thailand are : Phuket, Pang Nga, Phattalung, Krabi, Trang, Surat Thani, Chumphon, Ranong, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Songkhla, Pattani, Narathiwat, Yala et Satun.

This narrow stripe of land of the shape of an elephant trump, spreads down to the Malysian border. It counts 2 000 km of coastline, with the Gulf of Siam Westward and the Andaman Sea and Indian ocean Eastward.

The South of Thailand offers landscapes of beaches, dream islands, while inland mountains rise up to 2 000 m.
The rich soil and the tropical climate make this region better suitable to the culture of oil palms, rubber trees or coconut trees, than to rice fields.

After Bangkok, the south is the most prosperous area of Thailand, with the rubber, second exportation product after rice. Tine is also one of the natural ressources of the area.

Information on Chumphon Information on Suratthani Information on Nakhon Si Thammarat Information on Hait-Yai
southern Thailand guide
southern Thailand guide

Chumphon, 460km south of Bangkok (about a 7-hour drive), is the capital of the Chumphon's province.
Ka Pho Forest Park is about 30 km from the town of Chumphon in Tambon Salui. The park has a waterfall with ponds and reservoirs for bathing or just splashing around. Picturesque tourist spot with plenty of shrubs and magnificent trees.

Ao Thap Bay is where the Japanese entered Thailand during the second word war. The bay has a picturesque fishing village.
Rab Ro Cave houses an old Buddha image and has beautiful stalactites. About 50km from the city. Take theHighway 4, coming from the north, one makes a right turn inbound Tha Sae.
Thung Yo Nam Tok, approximativement à 9 kilomètres du District Office, est une petite, mais très belle chute d’eau.

Pharadonphap Beach, about 4 km from Pak Nam Chumphon is lined with shady coconut trees, the 3 km long beach has a numerous of resorts,seafood restaurants and stalls.

Sai Ri Beach, approximately 4 km from Pharadonphap Beach, hosts the shrine of Prince Chumphon, considered as the father of the Royal Thai Navy. Around 11km (7 miles) from the town of Chumphon, on Highway 4001, one can rent a boat and go to other islands such as Koh Mattra, good for camping, fishing and skin-diving.

Koh Samet (not to be confused with Koh Samet on the east coast), Koh Na Phrao where birds’ nests are collected between January and September, Koh Mat Phon which has a lighthouse for fishing boats, Koh Sak, a stony island; Koh Ngam Yai, Koh Ngam Noi, and many other smaller islands. From Laem Thaen (Cape Thaen) a boat can also drive you to Ko Khai, a picturesque small island about 5 km offshore.


Suratthani is the capital of the biggest Southern Thailand province, of the same name. The city, around 700km South of Bangkok, is a communication and modern activities center, prosperous and trading.

Chak Phra Festival To officially celebrate the end of the three month retreat of Buddhists (Phansa), usually in mid-October, The locals organize dazzling land and fluvial processions of revered Buddha images and boat races on the Tapi River with more than 50 people long boats.

Rongrian Rambutan Day is held the first weekend of August. You can find plenty of exhibitions of local products , floats adorned with Rambutan and other fruits, and alsodemonstrations of trained monkeys who harvest coconuts.

Khao Sok National Park. Located at 109km from Surat Thani on highway 401 to Phuket, Khao Sok National Park has verdant forest-covered hills and it is great place for hiking, viewing many species of birds and wildlife, or just relaxing. Many kinds of rare wildlife are found, including , bears, black panthers.. The major part of the park can be visited by foot, include the Sip Et Chan Waterfall, some 4km from the park office.

Nam Tok Wiphawadi and Nam Tok Ban Nai Waterfalls are located in Amphoe Don Sak, about 38 kilometers from town, on the roadside of the Highway 401 .Very popular place, crowded on week-ends and holidays.

Between Suratthani and Nakhon Si Thammarat (All along the Highway 401), numerous beaches can be found : Hat Pak Pha Ying Beach, about 22km from Nakhon Si Thammarat city near a picturesque small fishing village. Hat Khanom beach , about 100 km north of Nakhon Si Thammarat. Hat Hin Ngam beach , about 4 km from Pak Nam Sichon Market. (Beautiful Rock Beach).

Nakhon Si Thammarat
Nakhon Si Thammarat
Nakhon Si Thammarat
Nakhon Si Thammarat

Nakhon Si Thammarat is the second largest city in Southern Thailand and is noted for its cultural and historical background. The city has housed Lord Buddha’s relics which is the most important statutory place of the south, being the center of Buddhism during Sivichaya period and has several interesting Buddhist and Brahman temples to visit.

Ancient City Wall, Built by King Thammasokarat was originally encircled by a 2,230 m high wall. Nowadays, only parts still remained.

Wat Phra Mahathat Woramahawihan is located on Ratchadamnoen Road in Tambon Nai Muang. The gold roofed and 55.78 meters high pagoda, has a distinctive Sri Lankan style and attracts many tourists.

Brahman Temple, located on Ratchadamnoen Road, right in the center of Nakhon Si Thammarat, houses a bronze image of the Hindu god Shiva. Built 1,200 years ago during the Srivisaya period, Wat Phra Mahathat is one of southern Thailand’s most famous Museum inside the temple.

A côté de l’hôtel de ville,la Tour Phra Buddha Sihing, abrite l’image sacrée de Phra Bouddha Sihing.

Next to the city hall, San Phra Sua Muang, the City Pillar Shrine, the City Pillar Shrine , was built in a Chinese temple style.

Hae Pha Khun That Festival, celebrated at Phra Borom That Chedi, is held twice a year during akha Bucha Day (the full-moon night of February) and Wisakha Bucha Day (the full-moon night of May). Procession bearing a religious cloth to wrap around the pagoda to bring good fortune and success.

Phra of Lak Phra is preceded by activities 7 days before, such as beating drums, playing castanets... Held every September, the Festival of the Tenth Lunar Month is a great event of southern Thailand. A magnificent procession proceeds along Ratchadamnoen Road on the 14th day.

There are also two interesting waterfalls to visit, respectively about 20 km and 30 Km from Nakhon Si Thammarat, along the route to Lan Saka, Nam Tok Phrom Lok, the province’s largest waterfall, and Nam Tok Ka Rom, a smaller one but very beautiful.

Hat Yai
Hat Yai
Hat Yai
Hat Yai

Hat Yai (Had Yai) : Located in Songkhla province, about 50km north of the Malaysian border, Hat Yai is the south's major city and the region's communication hub with its commercial, shopping and entertainment center. Hat Yai offers many good buys in Thai handicrafts - especially local cotton products and cut-out leather shadow puppets - leisure and sportswear, and a large variety of preserved Thai fruits, and other culinary specialities.

There are many attractions such as Bhasawang Big Splash, a 15m slide in the middle of a large swimming pool , shooting ranges, bull fighting . Hat Yai has also an excellent nightlife in the form of its numerous nightclubs.

Wat Hat Yai Nai : On Phetkhasem Road near, the third largest reclining Buddha image of the world reposes at Wat Hat Yai Nai . The statue, named Phra Buddha hatmongkhol, is 35 meters long, 15 meters high and 10 meters wide. This is one of the most famous statue in the region.

Tone Nga Chang Waterfall (Elephant Tusk Falls), located 25 km west of the city, this picturesque waterfalls spectacularly over seven tiers and splits into two streams, resembling elephant tusks. Best seen after the rainy season from October through December when the water is most abundant, this is a particularly scenic spot, ideal for picnicsand very popular.

On the Thai and Malaysian border, in Satun province, is one of South-East Asia's best preserved white meranti rainforest. Its includes caves, waterfalls and lake ,with a range of wild species such as deers, gibbons, macaques and many birds. You can camp inside the park or bunk at one of the longhouses located on the shores of a large lake.

Tai Rom Yen National Park Located in Khlong Nam Thao Forest Reserve in Amphoe Ban Na San and Amphoe Wiang Sa. There are several scenic spots and beautiful waterfalls such as Nam Tok Dat Fa, Nam Tok Muang Thuat , Nam Tok Than Thip . Visitors wishing to stay overnight here must bring their camping accessories.




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